• W3C compliance
/Code.pngFree Open Source
JavaScript based
Web Shop Solution

JSShop is currently in development and is
expected to ship in final version around winter 2019.
A beta will most likely become available sooner.
There are not many JavaScript based shopping solutions
available, and they are generally very limited.
Here is what JSShop will be.

  • UI Components

     - Product lists from standard HTML (SEO friendly)
     - Product management
     - Shopping basket
     - Order management
     - Order form
     - Payment integration

  • HTML templating and CSS theming.

  • MVC Models easily tie to custom server back-end

  • Rich JS API for managing data

  • Sitemagic CMS is expected to ship with a
    ready-to-use solution in late 2019

  • Plug-in architecture for payment providers using
    Payment Service Provider Interface on GitHub

  • Licensed under LGPL 3.0 - JSShop on GitHub

  • Will build on the strong foundation of Fit.UI which grately simplifies development and adds support
    for OOP techniques.

JSShop will become the greatest JavaScript based shopping solution on the market.
There is no competition, and the need is certainly there.
We hope to see developers adapt JSShop to their platforms as soon as possible.
Sitemagic CMS will most likely be the first CMS shipping with the new shopping system,
hopefully followed by other popular systems like Joomla and Wordpress soon after.
Want to help? We could certainly use some help with plug-ins for popular payment
solutions. Get it touch: jimmy#AT#codemagic.dk

The following screenshots show JSShop running under Sitemagic CMS.
Product list, fully responsive - looks great on mobile/JSShop-Product-List.jpg

Product dialog revealing more information and more product photos/JSShop-Product-Dialog.jpg

The product editing feature/JSShop-UI-interface.jpg